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Eyelash Extension Lash Training

Educate - Inspire - Motive

This is Jasmine from IMagic lashes. I have been lashing since 2009, and have been certified 8x, been lash judge for various competitions, and have trained over 1000+ students in Asia & USA.


I am glad to bring my expertise not only train, but to mentor and offer guidance along your journey into becoming a successful lash artist.


My training information is below: (9AM to 6PM):

  • Classic Eyelash Training + Intro to Volume (2 Days), 1 on 1 training

Must have lash experience:

  • Volume Training -(1 Day), (2 Day) 1 on 1 training

  • Mega Volume - (Day) 1 on 1 training

We never bundled classes as we feel students are not able to absorb all the information at once, and want to encourage you to become a master before moving to the next level.

Now available:

Unleash Designer Course - 4hr Online 1 on 1 Training available


Specialize in RUSSIAN VOLUME TRAINING, and I can help to unpack the framework so you make fans with only using tweezers.

What's included:

6x Lash Tray 

1 Straight (isolation), and 1 Curve

1 Eyelash Adhesive

1 Glue Holder

Lash Cleanser

Disposable cleaning cup

Remover Gel

5 Pairs Eye Patch

Removal Eye Patch


1 Pack Brush Wand (50qty)

Cleaning Brush

Glue remover Tool

Mini Fan

Check in Mirror

Continued discount on all Imagic Lash Products

Ongoing mentorship

Imagic Lash Certificate


Start my Lash Career!

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