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Service Policies

Come with no makeup on or none around the eye. This will ensure there will be no residue from makeup product/makeup remover, and the bond of the glue will make your lashes last longer, or $25 makeup removal.

We understand it may be hard to have no makeup on during the day, so please bring your makeup remover/facial cleanser if needed and allow yourself to come early to take it off in our restrooms.

Late Arrivals: 
While there is no fee for late arrivals, the length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints.

Cancellation Policies: 
Notify us 2 days (48 hours) prior before your appt. or $60 fee if slot cannot be filled.
No shows will be billed 100% amount of appt.

We offer no refunds for services. If you are not satisfied we offer free removal.

As best practice and to ensure best results, no refills allowed from other places.
Must have over 30% left for a refill, or new set.


Getting Lashed


We can go over any questions when you get here and make sure you are comfortable. 

Also with all due respect, please no pets or children. Guest are okay but not needed. This is a girls only friendly environment =)


Light Snacks, Candy, Drinks are all Complimentary

Free Wifi, Phone Charger

Restrooms on Site 


Vending Machine with Snacks + Water/Soda near Entrance

Parking Lot in Front

-Handicap Accessible


Accept Cash, Credit Card, Venmo

I encourage you make yourself at home when you are here!


Aftercare Procedure

• Avoid swimming, strong running water, steam rooms, saunas, or extreme heat first 48 hours
• Do not use mascara/ eyelash curler on your lash extensions
• Do not rub, pick or pull on your extensions. Be gentle with your lashes
• Do not try to remove the extensions on your own
• Avoid oil based eye makeup, eye creams, and eye makeup remover
• Use powder or water-based liquid eyeliner if necessary 
• Try not to sleep on your face
• Brush your lashes daily
• Remember your lash life cycle, lifestyle and activities such as exercise, swimming, hot yoga,
  etc. will affect your lash retention
• Remember to book your fills within 2-4 weeks

Cleaning: (or whenever your lashes get wet) 
Step 1. Wash and rinse lashes daily with professional lash cleanser
Step 2. Pat dry your lashes with lint-free face towel or tissue paper 
Step 3. Gently comb your lashes back to make fluffy and perfect again
(Best use with mini fan or cool setting blow dryer) 

We hope to see you continue your experience at I’Magic Lashes!

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