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Waiver/Consent Policy

Just a few more things! This is to insure a great service and outcome for you.


I understand that eyelash extensions require ongoing maintenance. Refills are recommended approx. every 2 /12 to 6 weeks. I understand if I go beyond this recommended time, or have less than 30% it may need a full set service.


I will seek medical care (at my own expense) and contact my technician immediately if any allergic or adverse reaction occurs. All of my questions were answered and I understand the procedure and risks.


I grant permission to use my before and after photos for marketing or examples of my technicians work.


I release my certified lash technician and Imagic Lashes LLC from any and all liability associated with this procedure and inherent risk. This service will be performed with the utmost attention to safety, sanitation and proper application using tools and products that the technician has been trained and certified to use. This service has many variables due to lifestyle, moisture, weather, extreme temperatures, natural eyelash shedding and other factors.

By scheduling an appointment with Imagic Lashes LLC, you verify that I have read and understand the above statements and agree to them. Thank you for the time you took to read, understand and agree to our waiver/consent policy.

Now let's get you Lashed up!

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